Alex Waters

Bitcoin Scientist

Runs on innovation and creative, yet practical ideas. Passionate about public ledger technology and its future impact. Describes Coin Apex as empowered.

Yifu Guo

Bitcoin Veteran

Expert in systems design and creator of the first ASIC Avalon. Passionate about transparency and mesh-networks. Describes Coin Apex as agile.

Brendan Diaz

Business Strategy Enthusiast

Seasoned leader with an entrepreneurial background. Passion for business efficiency and operations. Describes Coin Apex as dynamic.

Rachel Yankelevitz

Jill-of-all-Trades, Master of Many

Keeps things ticking from HR to operations. Passionate about company culture and communications. Describes Coin Apex as a family.

Jonathan Warren

Seasoned Bitcoiner and Python Expert

Architect of systems and product developer. Passionate about security and usability. Describes Coin Apex as nimble.

Andy Johnson

Merciless Designer

Creative development, Mobile/UI and branding specialist. Passionate about marketing and seamless integration. Describes Coin Apex as fierce.

Sarah Tyre

Momentous Manager

Handles marketing and communications operations. Passion for strategy that combines quant- and qualitative insights. Describes Coin Apex as humble.

Eric Franco

Resource-full Dev

Bridges front- and back-end programming and champions customer support. Passion for teamwork and collaboration. Describes Coin Apex as fast-flexible.

Alejandro Hernandez

Programming Protagonist

Full-stack web developer and front-end specialist. Passionate about innovation through experimentation. Describes Coin Apex as robust.

Giorgio Ravalli

Key Integrator and Relationist

Facilitates client process through technical integration. Passionate about social media, news and economics. Describes Coin Apex as close-knit.

Peter To

Insightful Trading Expert

Brings elite trading experience to drive product development and decision making. Passionate about market microstructure. Describes Coin Apex as forward-looking.

David Marshack

Strategic Business Adviser

Vast experience guiding emerging tech companies. Passionate about telecom and satellite systems. Describes as enabling.

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